Short-Term Teams

Georgia/Michigan Construction Team - February 27-March 7, 2020

A group came from Georgia and Michigan to mostly focus on the pastor’s house in Camotan. They installed drop ceiling in all of the house, did a lot of painting inside and outside of the house and touched up areas on the church that needed sprucing up. They hung the doors and did some electrical work. They gave a special offering that allowed us to buy living room furniture, a dining room set and a bed for the pastor’s son. The house is looking so nice. We had a time to pray with the pastor’s family the last day and to bless the house; it was a touching time for everyone they shared their hearts.

The team also did hospital visitation, covered the last four schools that we had to distribute school packs to, did an Adopt-a-Child activity, attended the Camotan church where one of the team members preached, helped weigh beans and fill vitamin bags for Embrace and had their R&R. It was the first time that we had an entire family come to participate, with the youngest being only 6 years old. The kids did great and joined in on whatever was going on. What an experience to have at such a young age! It was a team that worked very well together and they got a lot done!

Doug & Sandi Reid and Kent & Robin Barber 

Both of these couples had extended stays this year. For Doug and Sandi, it was the third time to have an extended stay and there is already talk of the “next time”. They were here for almost two full months, participated with 3 different teams and kept their time filled in-between with helping out where needed. For Kent and Robin, it was their first time to extend a stay…but I don’t think their last! They have been part of the Crossville Medical Team a number of times but this was the first time to send off the team and then stay behind. They participated with the School Sponsorship team and really enjoyed it. They are already talking about bringing a team down from their church in the future. These two couples had served on teams together before but having the extended stays together helped their friendships to deepen, as they enjoyed serving together. I enjoyed having both couples down and I’m sure that they have many stories to tell. These “extended visits” can be very fulfilling and I extend an invitation to others to “try it”😊!


Curtis Boston

Curtis is from Friendship Church in Canton, Michigan and has been here a number of times. He recently began his retirement and it started by coming down to be part of the School Sponsorship team but then to extend his stay as well. He stayed behind to wait for the construction team that came the end of the month to finish the pastoral house in Camotan. He jumped in and lent a hand where ever there was a need. It was a pleasure to have him come and extend his stay and be able to serve in a number of ways.



Are you interested in bringing a team down in 2021 or 2022? The below chart shows the team(s) already scheduled and dates that are still available. If you are interested in bringing a team to fill one of the available time periods or to add on dates further out, please contact us.

Feb 11-20, 2021 Hillsdale, MI Chasity Pietrzak/House of Refuge Church SSP Team
Feb 25 - Mar 6, 2021 Fort Gratiot, MI Kim Slowinski Women's Conference and Misc. Activities
Jun 17-26, 2021 AVAILABLE    
Jul 8-17, 2021 AVAILABLE    
Oct 9-16, 2021 U.S. Glacom Radios/Tom Blackstone Handing out solar radios & experiencing Mayan culture
Oct 21-31, 2021 CERT International CERT International/Bruce Rainwater Medical Clinics
Nov 11-20, 2021 Georgia/Michigan Curtis Boston Annual town VBS and misc. activities
Dec 2-11, 2021 AVAILABLE    
January 6-15, 2022 AVAILABLE    
January 20-29, 2022 Crossville, TN Ed Camera Medical clinics
February 10-19, 2022 Fort Gratiot, MI Kim Slowinski  SSP distribution and misc. activities
Feb 24 - Mar 5, 2022 Rocky Top, TN Main Street Baptist Church/Kent & Robin Barber Misccellaneous Activities
March 17-26, 2022 AVAILABLE    
June 9-18, 2022 AVAILABLE    
June 30-July 9, 2022 AVAILABLE    

I have been communicating with a few more groups that haven't set their dates yet, but want to encourage you to get your time slot set aside. These short term trips can impact their participants in a dramatic way. Take advantage of exposing your people to an opportunity to "experience missions"!

Send us your story...

Have you been on a short term trip to Guatemala in the last year or so?????? Write us and tell us how it impacted your life and how you enjoyed it! We would like to start a new area that shares these “testimonies” with others in the hopes of motivating them to come on a team. You first timers can identify with the fact that you just “don’t know what you are getting into” and there are always a lot of questions. You can also share how it really turned out and what kind of an experience it was for you. I know that these short term trips can absolutely change people’s lives! Will you help us to encourage others to take the step to have this experience????? Send your testimony to and let others be blessed through your experience!


Kim Slowinski - Port Huron MI

My love for the people of Guatemala began with a short term mission trip in 2005 to build a home with Habitat for Humanity. Nancy Sheldon was our team host at Servant Ministries. At that very first encounter with the beauty of Guatemala and God’s lovely people, my heart was captured. My next opportunity to return was in 2010, and at that time Nancy proposed that I pray about leading future teams from her hometown area of Michigan. Since that time I have helped organize teams once or twice each year. The relationships that have been built with individuals, families and communities there have enriched my life and transformed my heart in ways I would have never imagined. God opened up a door of purpose in my life that has become a mission that I pray will continue indefinitely.

George Sheldon - Marysville, MI

I have been involved with Servant Ministries for over 30 years. I never dreamed of going on a mission trip, I never desired to. A good friend of mine convinced me to go down and really experience what a mission trip is all about. Again, I had no desire to do so. I fulfilled every dream that I have ever had, and much more. But when I went down to Guatemala; and was able to see these children….how much it meant to them the school supplies that we gave them; it broke my heart of how I have selfishly lived my life. What this ministry does is phenomenal. It was one of the greatest experiences that I have ever had in my life!

Jeanne Hancock - Dexter, Michigan

Twenty-three years ago God opened my heart to the people of Guatemala and my life has never been the same. The experiences and adventures that I have had have forever changed me. But more than anything else it has been the children and the young people who have found their way into my heart forever.

Doug and Sandi Reid - Crossville, TN

On our first mission trip to Servant Ministries we never dreamt how much we would be impacted and fall in love with Guatemala and its people. After 10 trips, serving on a variety of teams from medical to school supply distribution, and staying longer term 3 times, we feel a deep and lasting connection to our home away from home. On our last trip we bought matching t-shirts that say, "Go. Serve. Love. Guatemala - Galatians 5:13" and that says it all for us.

Ed Camera - Crossville, TN

My first short term mission trip was to Guatemala in 2010 and my most recent trip was in January of 2020. When I returned from the first trip, I was convicted about how I was living and I knew that I needed to change. My experience left me puzzled why those in Guatemala could live for today while I constantly fretted about the future. I realized that my gifts and talents were to be shared joyfully on a daily basis. My relationship with God, my family and my “wealth” slowly changed. Those changes allowed me to become less anxious about the future and live more fully in the present.

We in North America are blessed beyond belief, yet we live in fear. People in Guatemala work to survive, yet they live joyfully. Their faith in God and his providence allow them to live each day fully. We have much to learn from them.
Some say that we should serve at home before going abroad and I will not debate that point. Foreign mission trips take you out of your comfort zone. With your comfort zone removed, you may find yourself more dependent on, and willing to listen to, God. That was my experience.

Servant Ministries is my 2nd church and Guatemala is my 2nd country. I will continue to serve in Guatemala until I am no longer able to. But, my first priority is to serve God and his people in my local church and community. In fact, my experiences in Guatemala have increased my desire to serve in my home church and community.

In summary, one short term mission trip in 2010 is still impacting my life. My prayer is that a short term trip in Guatemala will serve as a catalyst for a changed life in you.

Janet Vargas - Lakeland, FL

First of all--I think it should be a requirement that every high school student go on a mission trip. It would change their lives. They would grow up to become a more caring and giving individual, not taking for granted all they have, but truly appreciative and selfless. That's what we need more of in this world. This is what missions has done for me, personally, as well.

Marnie Holdefer - Canton, MI

I saw Jesus every day of our mission trip to Guatemala. I saw Him in the shining eyes of this child, who lives a life of poverty, according to our standards. Yet she and her mom glowed with joy over simple things. I saw Him in the beauty of the country, the strength of women who carry 50 lbs of food on their heads to take home to feed their children, and in the passionate worship of the local people, who spoke of their faith with joy. Unforgettable!

Norma Edwards, NP - Nashville, TN

It is amazing how The Lord can use you when you commit your life to Him. My life has been forever changed after serving with the medical team in Guatemala! We were born to serve one another and service to humanity is service to God. May His love be spread throughout the world by those who willingly chose to serve others. Mark 10:45

Robbin Kuhlman - Canton, MI

What impacts me the most is how loving and trusting the children are. Their love is unending.

Cathy Brown - Canton, MI

These mission trips have touched my heart when I saw these happy, loving, faithful people. On my first trip I thought “I’m going to serve the people of Guatemala.” The truth is they served me (as a huge blessing)!

Dave & Jan Goble - Canton, MI

An unforgettable memory of our serving together was visiting our Embrace child's home and her family

Brandon Goble - Canton, MI

Spending time with an Embrace child helped me realize that speaking the same language isn't important and that all children respond to love.

Nancy Young - Largo, FL

In 2003 I came to Guatemala for the first time. Over the years I have returned to work on accounting issues and have also brought teams to do VBS and other outreach. I have been sending boxes 3-4 times a year with ministry supplies and outreach materials. It is a joy to be able to be used in the work of Servant Ministries.

Gina Goble - Canton, MI

Walking the streets of Camotan as clowns to invite the children to VBS was a special bonding experience for a grandpa and granddaughter.

Janis Ramsey - Canton, MI

Taking part in a mission trip brings home how very blessed we are in our lives. I came home humbled by the gratitude from the people we served.

Robin Barber - Rocky Top, TN

The presence of God just fills me when I see these precious children. I consider serving on these mission trips the greatest privilege I have ever known

Dr. Tom Clayton - Crossville, TN

Some of the best and most meaningful times of my life have been treating the poorest of the poor in the mountains of Guatemala. I have been extremely blessed to have been able to serve these special people in some small way.

Bruce Rainwater - Crossville, TN

“Lil did I know … that when I stepped out of my boat and followed Jesus on my first international mission trip, He would provide a whiff of His promise; Abundant Life. 18 years later I can testify, in that tiny step of obedience, He has done it all; showing me what it means to Truly Live! (Mark 8:35) It only takes a lil Faith to move a mountain … follow ME and you will see!

Dan Thaxton - Gwinnette, GA

Lay not up for yourselves Treasures on this earth where moth and rust doth corrupt and where thieves break thru and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven where moth and rust doth not corrupt and where thieves can not break thru or steal. Since connecting with Servant Ministries 7 years ago I feel that it is my second Home and Family giving me a chance to sow seed into a very fertile soil. I have been blessed more than words can express !!


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