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Other Projects

Many of our churches are now over 20 years old and there is a need to replace roofs, paint or do other general maintenance. If you would like to help us with a future construction project; please communicate with me at and we can give you some options to consider.

Rogers' Family Foundation Update -  June 2022

We are coming to the end of this funding but we are trying to make it stretch just as far as we can. This was what we were able to do in June.

1. On-going sponsorship of the two little Embrace girls.

2. Samaritan Project candidates received better housing.

3. We bought 4 cases of baby formula to help with our clinic’s outreach to babies who are malnourished.

 4. We covered the cost for our annual retreat for our pastors and their wives. 28 people were super blessed to have a special time away to be refreshed, challenged, encouraged, motivated and ministered to.

5. We purchased 750 boxes of colored pencils as we gear up to try to begin getting ready for our next distribution for our School Sponsorship Project.  

 We are so thankful for what this family has been able to do, for the second year in a row and think that it is a wonderful way for a family to reach out and make a difference for so many!

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Special Giving for Our Pastors

A special gift came in for our pastors and what a blessing it was for them!  Each pastor received a new eco stove, approximately 700 lbs. of food for their family, barrels to store the food, and a new study Bible.  With the recent loss of the second planting for everyone, due to hurricane damage….this extra giving was very timely! 


Water Filter Update

The ministry does special fund raising to provide water filters for all of our workers, pastors and the families of Embrace.  Drinking untreated water is the culprit for most of the chronic sickness/disease that we see in people’s general health.  Providing good clean safe drinking water is definitely a true gift and blessing to the people.  The initial cost of a water filter is about $50 and then the filtration part that needs to be replaced once a year costs about $25.  We are always looking for people who want to help us with this outreach.  Gifts can be sent to the Michigan office and marked for “water filters”.  Give the gift of “clean water” and make a difference in people’s lives!


Moringa Project Update

We have been doing very well on our sales for moringa; both in the US and in Guatemala. I sold about $800 worth just on my trip to the US and we continue to have on-going sales in Guatemala; both from people who seek us out, sales through our ministry clinic and with what the Embrace program is using. This is a tremendous blessing to the pastors, to provide a supplemental income to them to be able to care for their families, as they grow the trees and produce the moringa leaf powder. We have created a “Reorder Form” for ordering moringa (in powder or capsules) through our MI office and you can find that on our webpage. There is a button at the bottom of the Home Page of the ministry’s webpage ( that will take you directly to that order form. You can print out the order form, fill out what you want and send your check to cover the cost of the moringa plus the S&H that is listed to the MI office, where your order will be processed. In responding to a suggestion that we had, we will be making available, starting in August, 1 lb. bags of the moringa leaf powder. For people who have started taking it and know that they want to continue taking it, we are making this larger bag a more economic buy for you and we only have one bag to fill instead of 4 of the ¼ lb. bags. Please continue to let us know how the moringa is working for you. We continue to get some wonderful testimonies on how it is helping people in so many different areas.

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