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Ministry Center

The ministry center has been built through the financial contributions of Nancy and her supporters. Along with financial gifts, various short-term mission teams have given the sweat of their brow, in a labor of love, to see this vision become a reality and was dedicated to the Lord’s work in February 2000. 

 The center provides a small, one-bedroom apartment where Nancy lived for 15 years prior to building her house. It has a large multi-purpose room that is used for the children's Embrace program, short-term teams that come and many other purposes/meetings. 

 It is equipped with a full kitchen, team bathrooms, laundry facilities and storerooms. 

 Along with offices on the second floor there are two large dormitories that can sleep 30 people, as well as two private guestrooms. The ministry center has 4 furnished rental apartments for long-term visits or as an upgrade for in-coming short-term teams. There is a playground and pool for usage on the property.



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