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We resumed our classes on June 17th. Classes had been shut down for 3 months. It is nice to get our students back and continue to provide this training for them. We will have to double up on classes and finish the year later than originally planned, to make up the time. We have 3 students in their second year of studies and 2 in their first year of classes. One of our second-year students, Armando Garcia, is being sent to the village of La Puente where we recently lost the pastor that was at that church. Armando and his family now reside in the village of Dos Quebradas and attend the Servant Ministries church there. They will be moving to La Puente some time in July to begin their first pastorate ministry.


Servants of the Master Bible Institute

We have finished our year of classes at our Bible Institute. All four of our students have successfully completely the year with passing grades. We had a special luncheon for them on October 23. The students and teachers went to a local restaurant and shared a nice lunch there; we handed out certificates to the students, prayed over them and encouraged them in their Bible preparation to assist them in their ministry work. They will have a break now until January; when they will all start their second year of classes. We are talking to our pastors and it appears that we will have more candidates to begin the first year of Bible School in 2020. This will mean that we have 6 classes running consecutively; how exciting to have the prospective of raising up and preparing so many leaders for the future. After having several years of having no students, I am thrilled to see this arm of the ministry be raised up to new life. It is the hope for the future of planting more churches and having the leadership to oversee them.

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