Nancy Sheldon - The Founder

Nancy Sheldon grew up in the Detroit, Michigan area, the second daughter of Ted and Lois Strasser. After graduating from high school in 1970, Nancy she married and moved to a small town outside of Port Huron, Michigan. It was here that she had her two children, Hank and Julie. It was here also where she accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal Savior and committed her life to serving Him in whatever way He directed. In the year 1988, while the secretary at Life of Faith Fellowship, her son Hank wanted to go on a short-term mission trip to Jamaica with his youth group. Her daughter, Julie, wanted to go too but was under the age limit. Nancy offered to chaperone and was permitted to bring her daughter along. Little did she know that her life was about to change forever. Nancy’s experience in Jamaica had such an impact on her heart that she came home convinced that God was calling her to the mission field. After several months of seeking the Lord’s direction and researching mission works in different parts of the world, she decided to check out the work in Guatemala. Serious preparation and fundraising followed. In 1989 she left the comforts and conveniences of her home and with her children, was sent out by her home church, Life of Faith Fellowship to a very remote part of Guatemala, not knowing what the future held.

Lidia Vasquez - Office Administrator

Lidia Vasquez has been working with Servant Ministries since December of 2001. Lidia comes from a family with 4 other siblings and has had to work hard since she was very young to care for her mother and to try to help the family to move forward. With a lot of sacrifice she has obtained a very good education and helped her siblings to study as well. Her work responsibilities have grown over the years and she is involved with just about every aspect of the ministry and is the office administrator that oversees a lot under Nancy’s direction. She has been a blessing to the ministry and to Nancy personally and hopefully the Lord will allow her to have many more years of service with the ministry.

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