Construction Projects

Update on the Camotan Church Construction

There has been so much progress made on this project over the last few months as we pushed to bring it to completion. Thanks to the generous giving of many, we have been able to bring the inside to almost 100% completion. The outside still needs 3 sides of the building plastered and painted; which not only will look nice but will seal the concrete walls and keep the moisture from rain from coming through the walls and causing problems. The work really progressed while I was in the US doing my fundraising and it was great to get back and see the final touches be added. A cash offering that came with the team allowed us to purchase a refrigerator and stove for church kitchen. The Dedication Service was done while the team was with us on October 29, 2017. The team was here to celebrate alongside the Camotan congregation on this huge milestone of finally having their own church building….to God be the glory!

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Palm Roof at Ministry Center

We redid the peak of our palm roof. The plastic sealer had been peeking through in places and needed to be replaced with fresh "grass" put back on top. A recent storm lifted it up more and made it in need of the fix job even more so. It was done recently and we are ready to go into "rainy season" now without having any leaks:)!