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Servant Ministries, located on the eastern side of Guatemala , was founded by missionary, Nancy Sheldon. This ministry is committed to the fulfillment of the "Great Commission." Servant Ministries is found in a very remote part of Guatemala; a region known for its poverty, oppression, violence, and hopelessness.

Though Servant Ministries is a multifaceted ministry, its main objective is always to express the love and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is accomplished through: Evangelism, Church Planting, Bible Institute, Short Term Mission Teams, as well as Dental and Medical Clinics, Community Projects and Embrace, a children's sponsorship program.

What's New/Recent Updates

Samaritan Project Update

In April, the Samaritan Project blessed six new families -- four in Agua Zarca and two in Marimba. The project also built a roof covering for the Tular church. To read about these latest projects just click on the link below.

Hospital Outreach

Over the last several years, we have taken teams into the government hospital as one of their activities/outreaches. There is social medicine in Guatemala and no one is denied access to the hospital, but many times the hospital does not have what is needed to treat the patients.

Embrace Entries

We weighed and evaluated the children this month. This helps us to monitor the children and to be on top of issues that need special care. We also had two registration days to sign up new children, in anticipation of my southern fundraising trip...

Clinic Update

April is our anniversary month; the clinic began in 2004 or 13 years ago. Over the years, we have provided healthcare for thousands of people who place their trust in us for their simple healthcare needs.

Camotan Church Update

From the food sales at some recent movie nights and a few other funds that we gathered locally, we poured the concrete foundation for bathroom sinks in the one unisex bathroom that we are trying to complete.

Palm Roof at Ministry Center

We redid the peak of our palm roof. The plastic sealer had been peeking through in places and needed to be replaced with fresh "grass" put back on top. A recent storm lifted it up more and made it in need of the fix job even more so.

2017 Servant Ministries Video Update

Watch Servant Ministries' 2017 video update.

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2017 Video Update

Watch a short video detailing the latest on some of Servant Ministries' ministries.

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Embrace Website

Visit Servant Ministries' new website for the Embrace Child Sponsorship Program.

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